BaseRide had a hot integration summer

Sept. 27, 2015

Singapore based company achieved 60 points in the list of supported trasportation protocols and GPS-equipment

BaseRide Technologies, a Singapore based developer of intelligent solutions for public transit, fleet management and mobile workforce control, integrated its innovative platform with several more trackers and protocols during less than a half year.

In April BaseRide added communications protocol which was developed by Latvian company Teltonika. And also started to work with CAN-bus emulator. It is a part of Evaluation Kit — product of Cellocator. “We would like to highlight that emulator is using J1939 and OBDII protocols and it make possible to display data from different types of CAN-buses for speeding-up integration process with new GPStracers. We mean all trackers that support data exchange with CAN-bus”, BaseRide COO Evgeni Makarov says.

In June BaseRide launched a pilot version of one of the services for a system integrator from the Eastern Africa. The process included integration with GPS tracker P168 by leading Chinese manufacturer Diwei as well.

In August the developers of the company integrated BaseRide services with trackers by RATEOS. They all are from “Azimuth”-line (GSM 5, GSM 2, GSM 3 and GSM 4), working with two types of protocols, text and binary. The recent news is that in September the platform started to support all XeElectech automotive GPS trackers.

The whole integration list is available by the link: