All private public transit companies in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) have been connected to CloudBus

May 18, 2015

Nizhny Novgorod Central Dispatching Agency of Public Transit integrated CloudBus system. CloudBus now aggregates and analyzes GPS-data on all vehicles working on all city routes. The system unites information on all commercial passenger companies. At the test-stage almost 1000 city buses equiped with GPS trackers have been connected to CloudBus.

As BaseRide Director of Strategic Management, CloudBus Product Manager Alexander Kornev explains, CloudBus generates automated reports on bus-stops density, public transport accessibility of city districts, routes overcrossing. The system builds routes and drivers statistics. Dispatchers can see bus stops passing process, all busses performing a ddefinite route at a moment, converging with the route or speeding violations.

At the run-up stage of the project our team designed a current digital database with the information on all routes. We formed the photo-base of all city bus stops besides.

“Our task was to improve and detail the current system to make the analytics of bus routes, serviced by private operators more efficient. Another task was to get tools to help the Agency to have deep understanding of the public transit route network, - Nikolay Goncharov now acting as the Central Dispatching Agency director says. - We liked BaseRide working-out in the route network analytics and monitoring field”.

Another task was to design web- and mobile information services for passengers - to provide citizens with arrival forecasts.

“Our company is aimed at intelligent systems for fleet management, - Kornev says. - And CloudBus is a transformer like service which can be adjusted to any clients’ requirements. In this very case the request was to enlarge the basic set of tools and to make analytics more detailed, plus to simplify dispatching. It took us a year of joint work with the Agency specialists to make a strong analytics platform. It can be used by third-party city services. For example, by traffic police departments.