Cloud-based solution for effective and easy mobile force management


Efficient and transparent mobile-force management solution that lifts up a quality of task performance


Companies required mobile-force are very familiar with issues of task-management and performance quality control. Keeping these needs in mind, we developed a software which aims to solve the problems of

  • location tracking and monitoring,
  • effective communication b/w mobile employee and coordinator,
  • instant reporting process.


CloudTrack is a symbiotic solution that incorporate GPS tracking, messenger and interactive online report system. Switching your mobile-force management into CloudTrack not only allows to increase the quality control level for clients but also create transparency and user-friendly work processes for employees

Online monitoring and instant task-management


CloudTrack was developed with a strong consideration of needs of merchandising, last mile delivery and on-demand services. The solution has the software for PC’s as well as CloudTrack mobile application that satisfies work pattern of the both in-house supervisors and remote employees.

Supervisors maintain full control over the physical location of mobile divisions, routes and time-frame of tasks accomplishment. Furthermore, CloudTrack facilitates instant task management and enable managers to provide mobile employees with detailed job description direct on their smart-phones. Hence CloudTrack ensures the effective communication and online information flow between supervisors and mobile crews.

Transparent reporting system


With CloudTrack mobile application on the iOS & Android smart phones, remote and mobile employees can send real-time reports included photos and customer signature to prove a delivery or quality of performed tasks.  Moreover this tool can be used to report unsatisfied task performance conditions such as vehicle breakdowns or absence of necessary tools. Taken transparency of work processes not only allows supervisors has a better understanding of situation and control the quality of work performance, but also has a positive impact on level of responsibility and trust of mobile force members.

CloudTrack also enable employees on the fields to provide feedback to their stationary colleagues by posting the relevant statuses (task completed, performing the task, task rejected). This option eliminates the necessity of frequent calls and increases operational effeciency

Reports and Data Analysis

In order to monitor the efficiency of a single mobile employee or a whole mobile-force department, CloudTrack provides the access to historical data archive for each accomplished or skipped task. The software store this information as long as necessary for a manager. additionally, the system of filters enables to perform a variety of reports and compare only pieces of data relevant specifically to your business


Our Clients opinions

I was surprised how efficient could be sales force analytics system. I have been spending 3 hours every day to analyse my staff work with old fleet management systems. BaseRide gave me algorithms to do it in 10 minutes. And we also now have an integration with our company's ERP. I see statuses of jobs in realtime and know details for each customer. Now I know in details how long each driver have spend in each customer’s office.