Everything You Should Know About BaseRide Technologies



Evgeny Makarov and Timofey Shishkin, co-founders of BaseRide, have been working together as a management team since 2006, when a group of developers led by Evgeni Makarov created an innovative cloud-based service operating Big Data and GPS trackers to handle real-time public transport monitoring and arrival forecasts. It turned out to be the pre-seed version of the BaseRide platform, which, actually, combined the previous 7-year experience and materials.               



There were 3 factors having being brought to the one point - what we were really good at, what was the most promising area for our competences use and what our pilot projects showed.

Well, Big Data, cloud computing and the market of software aggregating and handling GPS data were key proficiency skills of our team. At that very time logistics market in the SEA and China developed rapidly. And the run of navigation aids that started to speed up in the mid 2000-s had got to the high by the mid of 2010-s. Connected cars and Smart Cities were widely accepted and discussed. So it was clear, that we could participate in the competence that was to unfold amongst those who can combine understanding of technologies and market needs.



We stood up the baptism of fire well. Our web service and mobile application for passengers achieved more than 150 thousand users in 6 months. We provided arrival forecasts and traffic jams monitoring for street information tables. The cloud service for fleet advanced monitoring and analytics was in demand. Then we integrated into the platform people movement analytics based on cell phone location data. And started to develop one more field – mobile workforce control which got hot response among delivery agencies and FMCG companies.

The pilots of our solutions got integrated in New York, London, Nairobi, several big cities of the CIS. So when the platform capacity proved its high level and different clients evidently validated our idea and perception of the market needs we started to scale up our business.



In Autumn, 2014 BaseRide obtained support in Asia from both - investors and customers. Alongside the company became a partner of High Performance Computing AStar Singapore. In November, 2014 a new office in Singapore was opened up.