How To Make The All-in-One Platform For Connected Vehicles and People On The Move. Vol. 1

Aug. 11, 2015

We decided to regularly and step-by-step describe how BaseRide platform works. We want to share some technical details that will let you get the process in general and see the architecture.

The platform gathers data from 4 categories of equipment:

  1. GPS trackers

  2. state sensors

  3. event sensors

  4. counters

GPS trackers gives coordinates, speed and direction of movement.

Event sensors fix the moment when something happens that we want to be informed about. It fixes when, for example, a turn-on moment or a moment of a kick.

State sensors monitor the current state of equipment - engine temperature, for example, or fuel bulk.

Counters just count definite sort of events. We integrated our service CloudBus with counters of public transit passengers - how many people get into the bus at a stop and how many get out.

Upon the whole, BaseRide consists of 17 subsystems, each of them working with 3-10 types of data.