Everybody loves API 850 words about respect towards customers

Nov. 3, 2015

Developers call API functions library. If you get reader’s access, you can use not all books, but exactly what you need.

For example, you have installed a vehicle tracking system for your fleet coordination, but it can not build reports on speeding violations and its statistics. But BaseRide platform is really good at it. So you become our client and get access to our library. And feel free to use our data algoritms to analyse each vehicle movement speed. Your developers would integrate the needed function into the IT system you use, into the familiar interface. Your end customers use it, not entering our server. In other words, our site turns out to be a web-service in this case — an open data base with moderated access. Why do developers need this scheme and what for do their end customers use it? They all solve significant problems.



First of all, API is the way to enlarge the customers audience. It is good.

You have a local task, and BaseRide team has poweful math algoritms for handling data and the ready infrastructure for its storage — it is our heavy market advantage. And if our customer does not need box solutions, just several functions from the tech wealth we offer — we will share them. Open data something we really appreciate.

Secondly, API scheme reduces time of integration process. It can last for 3 days only, If a company has staff developers or any other IT specialists - highly qualified and being familiar with your IT system. What is more, API allows to integrate any amount of functions. There’s no restrictions.



It is really important, that API lets the customers get the interface they relly like. Integrate BaseRide functions into the current software. Or create the new one with branded interface meeting your all expectations just by the corner. Maybe you have found a designer in Minnesota whom you have the very common view for the whole world including the icons look. He loves your corporate colors since childhood, although your company was founded 5 years ago im Malaysia and your brandbook was created just last Christmas Eve. Far from Minnesota, isn’t it? Yes, but this guy know the truth about whay you really need.

So we don’t mind - get the access and give the functions we have created the visual you have in your mind.

Besides, some companies work with proprietary software or the one developed by the definite companies only. You know, in this case data security and company IT infrastructure access is in charge of profile services and departments. We treat BaseRide platform with much care too, so this logic is clear for us. That’s why we say - API is a good thing to use.



According to BaseRide architecture, API allows the user to act as if using server web monitors. I mean, whatever you could do entering the server as an authorized user, you can do using API. Your range of access to the data is restricted by administrator only. The administrator role ir assigned by the head representative of a customer.

An administrator can create new users both via API and web. The same goes for any objects registeres at our server.

Let’s go through a couple of use cases.



One of BaseRide products is CloudTrack, the service for mobile workforce control. It has tasks tied to geo points and a definite assignee. One of CloudTrack customers is Farbe, a big company providing garbage collection. One sunny morning guys decided to automize server registration of tasks coming via open web-form at a PHP-site of the company. A simple and clear scheme.

At first it was as follows.

User came to the site, filled in the application and pushed “send” button. The information was eMailed to the company executives.

We put into the PHP-code several API appeals. Now user generated tasks from web-form are automatically created as server tasks. The administrator is just to assign definite employees to fulfill them. Then the typical CloudTrack process gets on. Task progress real-time update, commentaries and photoes.



One more clear use case. “Forest Patrul” is our customer and friend. FP is an information system for wildfire hotbeds monitoring. API helped to solve a very simple problem - to show all company vehicles movement process on the map located at the site. All vehicles of Forest Patrul are connected to BaseRide platform. Their developers created a very simple programm appealing our service via API to get current location data for all vehicles and to show it on the map.



BaseRide API is a great way not to buy your own server.

For example, municipality of one city located in the very heart of Central Asia wants to make tracking broadcast of municipal public transport. But it doesn’t want to make a dedicated server to collect data. That’s ok. We connect your buses, trams and trolley-buses to our system and act as it was described earlier: address our server, get to know where a vehicle is and show it on the map. By the way, Forest Patrul collect data coming from sensors and other equipment via our server.