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Beeline: It's too early to make conclusions

Oct. 20, 2015

Few takers so far," #channelnewsasia estimated the amount of #Beeline commuters who have already tested crowd sourcing transport app for private buses rides pre-booking. The Singapore government-initiated trial has been expanded from 4 routes to 21 and from 4 buses to 11 since August.

“So far, more than 10,000 suggestions have been received from commuters on their preferred routes. The app has also been downloaded about 5,500 times. However authorities say awareness of the service is still low. Each bus currently averages just two to three passengers per commute,” #OliviaSiong wrote.

#BaseRide developed a cloud based platform for #publictransit management and designed several customized information services for passengers in different cities all over the world. Beta-version of our platform was launched in 2008, and it was a typical pre-seed startup, so we know, what it’s all about.

BaseRide Technologies COO Evgeni Makarov shares his opinion. “Maybe it's just normal for a new service?” he suggests.

“New innovative services usually go through the cycle of adoption. First users are usually called "early adopters". In startups, they are mostly tech guys, advanced technology users, who love trying everything new. If a service is really interesting, this wave is growing because tech geek/early adopters networking is highly viral (though doesn’t make big audience). Then, service faces the decline. Geeks can stop using the service, because it doesn't meet their expectations or because they shifted their attention to some other new service. This period is well known as a so called "Valley of Death.”

But if a service is really valuable, next wave can come - this will be the interest of regular users. It's not viral but stable and long-term growth.

So I just want to say, that #Beeline is perhaps too fresh and new to make conclusions.”