BaseRide brought tracking-off function into the new service for mobile workers control

Oct. 8, 2015

This Autumn BaseRide will introduce new product to the market. It is called CloudTrack, and it is a set of web-interface and mobile app allowing to set up the system of mobile work.

CloudTrack is a system of double-side control. On the one hand, the head of the (sales) department can monitor activity of mobile workers whom he is in charge of, can assign tasks, use integrtaged communicator and watch in the real-time mode the process of daily plan realization. On the other hand, a mobile worker can use CloudTrack as a personal planner-plus-navigator to build and correct optimized routes.

In other words, what we created is not a new service to trace careless employers, but an optimization program for building system with mobile workers involved. And that is why our service lets a leader to set up the level of control.

Administrators can arrange regularity of tracking data update. Within a range of 5 seconds to 30 minutes. CloudTrack also has got a tracking-off function.

We made a very customizable service which can be adjusted by any criteria. Everything depends on company tasks, corporate principals and responsibility line which the head and his employers has drawn by the moment. A typical b2b, that’s it.