BaseRide Mission


Tech & Business

We just handle data, as many others do. But what make us look and sound different is that our solutions are far beyond merely business or merely technology.

We are keeping tight contact with current market needs and at the very same time can have a long look ahead, because we know what tech achieves and contribute to this progress.

In fact, it is technology that defines what future customers would require from future business.

The challenge is to keep balanced between striving to reach the mountain peack in technology and the sincere desire to be in high demand of those who do business right now by means of what has already been invented. But we want to remain a profitable company with beautiful succes-story and brilliant tomorrow. It really helps not to get out of joint.


Business & Tech

Our solutions are aimed at being 3 in 1 - efficient, comprehensible and simple. We work hard at interface of our products, carefully choose words in which our products are being described and really respect those people with whom we work. For doing business is estimable. We know it well.



BaseRide a vivid portrait of its team. The heart of BaseRide are strong, bright developers and creative managers having much in common and a lot to teach each other.

It brings in drive, you know.