Ultimate solution for fleet management and connected car services

Track and Trace

Simple and elegant solution for online GPS tracking suitable for small, medium and large enterprises.

Real-time information about fleet location and historical data are available for you in easy-to-use web interface

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Online Diagnostics Information

CloudFleet captures diagnostics information about fuel consumption, engine status, coolant temperature, trouble codes and many other parameters from vehicle on-board computer via OBD-II and CAN bus technologies.

Our cloud back-end saves this information and makes it available online in real time for easier detection of violations and better maintenance

Mobile Application CloudFleet - control your fleet on the go

We provide mobile applications for easier access to fleet data while you're not behind the PC.

Location data, on-board diagnostics everywhere with you.

Available for both iOS and Android platforms.

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Dashboards and Reporting

Dashboards and reports provide you with a complete overview of fleet performance.

Easy-to-use and fast report system increase utilisation level of an overall fleet.

Real-time widgets can be customised for different use cases for customer

Historical Data Analysis of Fleet Performance

Reveal idling periods, speeding, geo-fencing, driving behaviour in convenient analytics dashboard.

Data is stored for required period for you, so all historical issues can be solved later when required

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